Brugueras, Alcántara & García-Bragado Lawyers - Law Firm in Barcelona | Labour, civil, tax, administrative, commercial and family lawyers in Barcelona | Brugueras, Alcántara & García-Bragado Abogados is a law firm founded in 1973 and developed due to various lawyers specialised in different legal fields who have joined the firm over the years, however the Alcántara family has been practicing the legal profession since the beginning of the 20th century. Brugueras, Alcántara & García-Bragado
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Brugueras, García-Bragado and Associates is a law firm specialising in a wide range of national and international legal matters and is dedicated to serving legal entities and companies as well as individuals. The firm is composed of professional experts in accordance with the legal tradition of the Bertrán and Musitu law firm. Established in 1898 the firm achieved both National and International accreditation. Throughout its almost one-hundred-and-twenty-year history a system of work has been maintained in which ethics, human relations and the defence of the interests of its clients prevail. In 1988, the firm changed its name from "Bufete Bertrán and Musitu" to "Brugueras, García-Bragado and Associates", who were the two former partners of Bertrán and Musitu. 


In 1973, Mr Enrique Alcántara, State Attorney and a member of a family with a great tradition in the world of law, founded the Alcántara law firm in Barcelona. This was to meet the growing demand for legal services requested by individuals, companies and Public Administrations. In the year 2000, and in order to provide a multidisciplinary service, the Blay and del Coso Law firms were incorporated, forming the firm of Alcántara, Blay & del Coso.


The rapid changes that are currently occurring in the form and content of legal services, as a result of technological changes and globalisation, have led to the decision to integrate both law firms under the name of Brugueras, Alcántara & García-Bragado - Abogados.


With this integration, the new firm aims to perfect its management and allow the talented professionals that comprise the firm to provide any legal service.  We will have the scope to fully satisfy the growing national and international markets’ demand, with the confidence and flexibility that has always characterised us.  We aim to provide assistance to small, medium and large companies as well as individuals and families that require these services.

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